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Is Printed Direct Mail Dead ?

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When we ask our clients “Are you going to send out a printed direct mail campaign this year?” their answer is usually “no.” The reason? They say that printed advertising doesn’t work anymore. Or they tell us, “We’re just not sure if it’s worth the hassle.” But are these answers accurate? Let us tell you whether or not printed direct mail campaigns have a place in today’s world of marketing. 

The truth is, printed direct mail works. It just doesn’t work as well as it used to.

Many marketers are afraid of or don’t know how to target their print campaigns correctly. Some companies have tried using data about who has already responded positively to digital ads to create a more targeted list for the next round of mailed material… but this practice fails over 80% of the time! So what’s the solution? Let us show you how our team can help your business reach customers with effective personalized marketing that will engage them and boost brand awareness without costing an arm and a leg!

Is there still hope for printed direct mail as a form of advertising? Yes indeedy! 

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