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Tougher times ahead and the Opportunity Cost of not Marketing

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Increase your marketing activity with less headcount.

Marketing Agencies get marketing projects done efficiently and cost effectively. We ensure that your marketing resources constantly ‘punch way above their weight’.

As we enter a more challenging economic times and marketing resources get reduced, it doesn’t mean you have to do less marketing.

Marketing Agencies supply flexible and cost effective skills & services to ensure that the marketing projects get executed. Plus, you only pay for those things that need to be done. You can turn the tap on and off whenever it suits when using an agency.

We’re not talking, full blown Creative, Advertising and Media Agencies here, we’re talking down to earth Marketing Agencies. An extension of your marketing team.

In affluent times organisations hire staff like crazy, the job market is buoyant, and labour is hard to come by. Sales rise and headcount increases, then comes the inevitable flattening and readjustment period.

Boardrooms around the world will start to plan for downturn. Upturn is always under forecasted and resource increases tend to lag behind. Downtown is generally over forecasted but resource decreases follow immediately.

As we have seen with Shopify, the first cut and streamlining of headcount starts with support services such as in-house designers, marketing administrators, product managers, customer service and salespeople. The power in the executive team moves away from sales and back to finance. It’s time for the CFO to shine. It’s time to do more with less. It’s the time where one lucky person gets promoted to head of Sales …. and Marketing 😉 No increase in salary of course but good for the headcount.

“This too shall come to pass”, but whilst trading in this next cycle, it does not mean you need stop marketing your business effectively. Yes, you may have less people on your payroll, but that doesn’t mean there are less qualified resources out there to help deliver marketing activity for your products and services.

This may not be the time for multimillion dollar campaigns, this may not be the time to do those extra little ‘cute projects’, but there are always the core marketing projects that still need be delivered.

Retailer programmes, product launches, ‘reason & season’ campaigns like Black Friday, Boxing Day, Mother’s Day, EOFY, etc.

A Marketing Agency, like Adrenalin Marketing Solutions, provide flexible and cost effective services to ensure that the marketing projects get executed and maybe even some of those ‘cute little extras’. Plus, you only pay for those things that need to be done. You can turn the tap on and off whenever it suits when using an agency.

You will be pleasantly surprised how much activity can get done by a Marketing Agency without any day to day corporate distractions on the side.

Organisations will always want monthly reports, product forecasts, PSIs, pricing models, SLOB reports, compliance paperwork, performance reviews, competitor reviews, etc. Corporate ‘paperwork’ will always continue and often at the expense of cornerstone marketing activity. Those marketing projects either remain ‘outstanding action items’ on your monthly reports or get executed ‘poorly and just in time’.

Marketing Agencies get these marketing projects done properly. We ensure that your marketing resources constantly ‘punch way above their weight’.

Simple things like product brochures, sales presenters, new packaging, retail point of sale, simple content creation, consumer & trade promotions, competitions, branded merchandise, event planning, etc., still need to happen.

A quick, “for example”, to put this into context. Recently, at Adrenalin Marketing Solutions, we produced a full ‘takeover’ of an industry magazine website in half a day. Took the brief, did the creative & design, produced the various assets, and sent it away. All done on time and on budget.

It’s going to be a tricky few years by my reckoning but it’s not just about financial cost of marketing projects, it’s also about the opportunity cost of not completing those marketing projects.

It’s worth considering how to do things differently, as opposed to not doing them at all.

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